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Why I Took a Break from Blogging

It has been almost 5 months since my last blog post. Crazy, right? I know.

A lot has happened since then. A war in Europe. New health scare (monkeypox). Markets tumbling. Inflation rising. Another war like situation. People returning to office. Traffic back on roads.

Yeah, yeah! All this didn't happen because I stopped writing.

What changed in my life you ask?

I got too busy at work to an extent that it took a toll on my fitness. Not that I was Chris Hemsworth before that, but still. So I started working out. Lost 6 kgs. Built stamina. Felt better.

Then Covid got me. Had to stop my work outs. So lost the stamina and gained a few kgs. When life decides to work in the opposite direction ;)

I turned 36. So on the other side of 30s.

I don't feel a year older. But unfortunately not a year wiser, too. Sigh!

But these aren’t my excuses for not writing to you. No.

It’s not that I didn't have time to write. But I needed space.

No, no, not from you! From writing.

After spending 2 years religiously writing every Friday, I was burnt out. Why, you ask?

So, let me tell you why I took a break.

#1: It felt like homework. Not that I hated it, but it felt like I had to do it not I wanted to do it.

#2: Writing took centrestage. My life got intertwined with it. When I started writing, I did basis what I experienced and felt. But then it turned out to be a craze to find content at times. I tried too hard. Whenever I had a conversation or read something interesting I would look to document it for my blog. It didn't feel natural.

#3: I wasn't enjoying this phase. Not one bit.

So I took a break.

To refresh. To reflect.

And I think I'm ready now to start writing again.

In my nearly 5 months of break, I’ve realized that life is about keeping it simple.

  • If you don’t enjoy doing something, be true to yourself. Don’t do it.

  • Good moments are transitory, so it's important to not miss them by trying to capture them or overthink them. It's important to experience them and live them. Life is not about posting on Instagram or pinterest.

  • A break is good. One needn't be ashamed of it or feel as if one failed and hence took a break.

I’ve missed writing about my experiences, frailties, stories of courage and lessons from failures. I’ve missed writing about how inspiration is perishable. I've missed writing about how there are learnings in smallest of things. I've missed writing about this beautiful thing called Life.

But more than everything else, I’ve missed you guys. Your love and feedback on what you felt after reading what I wrote.

You know how they say “if you love them let them go and if they come back they’re yours?”

I'm back! :)

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Chaynika Sharma
Chaynika Sharma
Aug 05, 2022

Welcome back swami… glad to see your blog 😊

Aug 06, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much @Chaynika Sharma 😀


Nayana Kaushal
Nayana Kaushal
Aug 05, 2022

A lovely come back Swami, always refreshing and so natural. Looking forward to weekly doses of this wholesome blog series.

Aug 05, 2022
Replying to

Thank you @Nayana Kaushal 😀

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