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A-Z for 2021!

We have never been happier about a year going by as much as we are in bidding farewell to 2020! Do you agree with me?

2020 was tough. A challenge like never before. We all were in it together, on our different journeys.

If 2020 was about:

Lives lost. Jobs going away. Routines changed. Unfamiliar territories. Plans changed.

2020 was also about:

Valuing what matters most. Self care. Forced to think about ourselves. Newer plans for life.

We all had our own struggles and I'm glad despite all the difficulties, we made it.

2021 is here. I have no idea how it's going to be. But it's surely made me tougher and more resilient than I was.

There were plethora of learnings and new stuff I figured out about myself and life last year. It not only made me experience more, it made me observe more as well. I have tried to list them down for your benefit. I'm calling it my A-Z handbook for 2021.

So here it is:

Action keeps anxiety away.

Build skills, content, hobbies, talent etc.

Care truly - about people in your corner. Life is unpredictable.

Focus on Deep work - know that less is more.

Be Empathetic towards self and others.

Failure is when you give up. Not when you struggle.

Be Grateful, no matter what. Don't ta