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A-Z for 2021!

We have never been happier about a year going by as much as we are in bidding farewell to 2020! Do you agree with me?

2020 was tough. A challenge like never before. We all were in it together, on our different journeys.

If 2020 was about:

Lives lost. Jobs going away. Routines changed. Unfamiliar territories. Plans changed.

2020 was also about:

Valuing what matters most. Self care. Forced to think about ourselves. Newer plans for life.

We all had our own struggles and I'm glad despite all the difficulties, we made it.

2021 is here. I have no idea how it's going to be. But it's surely made me tougher and more resilient than I was.

There were plethora of learnings and new stuff I figured out about myself and life last year. It not only made me experience more, it made me observe more as well. I have tried to list them down for your benefit. I'm calling it my A-Z handbook for 2021.

So here it is:

Action keeps anxiety away.

Build skills, content, hobbies, talent etc.

Care truly - about people in your corner. Life is unpredictable.

Focus on Deep work - know that less is more.

Be Empathetic towards self and others.

Failure is when you give up. Not when you struggle.

Be Grateful, no matter what. Don't take anything for granted. The universe doesn't owe you anything.

Health is wealth. We stayed inside our homes to take care of this one aspect. Remember it.

Find your Ikigai - find your calling.

Don't over rely on your Jobs. It can go anytime.

Kindness got us out of 2020. Make it your mantra forever.

Stay Learnable. Dinosaurs are better in Jurassic Park.

Mental well-being is serious business. Do more of what makes you Happy and brings Peace.

Say NO to things without feeling guilty. Just make sure you know why you're saying it.

Opportunities are aplenty. Keep an eye always. Last year taught us that money can be made by making masks and PPE kits.

Prioritise yourself before everything else. Nothing is more important than your inner peace.

Quality > Quantity. Always.

Taking Rest is essential as part of any journey. Normalise resting to refresh.

Value Solitude. Speak more to yourself, within if you need to have a conversation.

Time > Money. Time lost is lost forever.

There is an Undo button in life. No decision is permanent. It can be corrected.

Get rid of your Vices. It can be as simple as spending less time on social media.

Wake up early. Try getting up 15 minutes before your usual time. Use that to do something important.

Embrace the New, the different. Don't be Xenophobic.

You are capable of everything.

Zoom in while doing, zoom out while building/thinking/dreaming. Dream big, do even the small.

Your A-Z could be very different from this. To each their own. But it's important to reflect and learn from our past. Our past doesn't define our future. But learning from our past takes care of the present which is a stepping stone for the future.

Don't let what you learnt last year go waste. I humbly beg. It could prove to be an inflection point in your transformation journey. Use it as a leverage. Let it help your growth be non-linear. Play the infinite game.

Happy and Healthy 2021 to you and your loved ones!

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Drop a comment on what 2020 taught you the most. Many people would benefit from it.

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