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O Jaanewale, ho sake toh laut ke aana...

"Swami ji, bahut din ho gaya. Kuch 'Clinic' ka plan banao yaar."

He would say this and block our calendar for a Friday evening!

I was his HR and he was much senior in experience but we had a bond that I will cherish lifelong.. Hours we have spent working together, discussing and arguing, agreeing and disagreeing, all with utmost respect. And yes, of course, enjoying at the 'Clinic' (our hideout)...

As I write this, I know it is the toughest time for the 'Clinic gang', as we have lost a dear friend!

A person full of life and fun. The one who could be trusted no matter how tough the situation. A master of words.

I wish we could execute our plan for the long due visit which got pushed multiple times. And I so regret that!

He would always "I'm ever ready. You just tell me when". This was as recent as the first week of March.

Our next visit to the Clinic won't be the same. We will save a chair for you, Utpal!

When people leave, all that remains is just memories. And when it happens all of a sudden, the floodgates are open and you just can't control the emotions.

His going away is making me look at life in a certain dimension.

- Tomorrow is not guaranteed. So, live it up today!

- Life is so unpredictable. Never take anything for granted.

- Make time for important things! Coz no one remembers the routine when one's no more!

- Prioritise Health.

- Your 'circle' is all you have. Make time for them.

He used to love my singing and would request me to sing few of his favourite songs.

But today, when he is in a better place, I can only think of this one song....

"De de ke ye awaaz koi har ghadi bulaaye  
Fir jaaye jo us paar kabhi lautake na aye  
Hai bhed ye kaisa koi kuchh to bataana...

O jaanewale, ho sake toh laut ke aana...."

Om Shanti, Utpal! You will light up the heavens, I'm sure. For now, the sun has set!

Prayers and strength with the family and friends in this toughest hour!

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