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This week was special. After almost 5 years I got an opportunity to interview bright young minds at a management campus. Of course, it was virtual. Of the many things I felt, there was an increasing sense of going back the memory lane to recollect how I was during those days. Youngsters these days are more informed and sorted for sure. I strongly believe that.

While it was refreshing interacting with them, I couldn't help notice how long I have come from having been on that side more than a decade ago. I vividly remember my interview and the offer I received from one of the esteemed organisations. The happiness to have made it. The leader who interviewed me and hired me is someone whom I still reach out to for guidance.

I have been so many versions of myself in the last decade or so. I was so naive. Limited in thinking, owing to lack of exposure to many things. Decisions and choices mostly in Binary. Emotional and sensitive. Silent, mostly. Aggressive, at times. Hungry to do well and easily getting dejected, if I failed. and always being overly self-critical.

From there to becoming who I am today has been a fascinating journey. So many teachers and mentors along the way. So many who became influencers and made me see things my mind hadn't envisioned. Friends who never gave up on me, no matter what. And, so many people who really invested in me by being patient, nice and thoughtful.

I'm no more that youngster I was, but I'm in some way the person I would have settled for if I was given an option then. I have retained some qualities over so many years and ingrained newer ones. I laugh at myself at times and think how stupid I was. So, I guess it's been some sort of a journey.

"A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” Said Muhammad Ali. I am glad to see the world differently in the 30s than I used to in my 20s.

This post is about reminiscing and being grateful for opportunities and learnings and support I received. It's about just looking back and feeling good to have gone through the journey. Knowing that I am constantly growing and trying to become better, everyday. And, believing that like so many people who added value to my life, I owe it to giving back to the ones who need it.

An attempt each day to become a better version of self.

- Aim to grow and become better each day.

- Don't let anything shake your focus from that aim.

- Look back on your journey and remember the situations and people who helped you become better.

- Track your journey.

- Take a moment to thank the people and the universe for helping you get to where you have. Remember, not many were that fortunate.

The world can do with a bit more of gratitude and giving.

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