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Have you watched this movie?

I'm not a big fan of Adam Sandler movies but I have to say that his movies make a good weekend company!

This is a movie about a workaholic advertising executive Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) who comes across an eccentric salesman who offers him a universal remote control. He can fast-forward and rewind his reality, skipping unpleasant things like busywork and arguments with his spouse while re-living pleasant times, like his first date with the woman he would marry. The remote control allows him to do as he wishes it.

But the remote is dangerous, as he starts using it as a substitute for living through bad times. Worse still, it's an intelligent remote as after it learns his patterns, it fast forwards through large chunks of his life. Large significant chunks, in the hindsight!

Towards the end, he regrets not having had the time to spend supervising his kids while growing up, not spending time with his wife and father. He regrets not having the time to even say and express his love to them!

This movie was relatable in many ways :
- one, it is practical to an extent that it's happened in some way or the other way with almost everyone. At least, many around us (including us).
- two, we are becoming an impatient specie and want to rush to the destination so much that it's coming at a huge cost - the journey.  
- three, without the remote we live on autoplay. Body, mind and heart - not in sync.
- four, impatience to get what we desire.

Secretly, in the heart of hearts we all would have wanted a remote control like this.

One because it has the word control in it. And we absolutely love that.

And two, we are thrilled as long as our desires are fulfilled. Doesn't matter if we are on autopilot (in terms of experiencing/being)!

Sometimes movies do more than just entertain. It makes us reflect. Like this one did.

- Are we on autopilot? - How about making our living more conscious!

- Are we on the mode to hit the fast forward button? - May be we need to hit more Pause than fast-forward.

- Are we just living for the weekend through a week of whining and complaints - May be got to learn to be more grateful.

- Do we know what's most important for us? - Go back and create a priority and to-do list for life like we do at work.

While, it's not an Oscar winning movie. And it doesn't matter as it just 'Clicked' for me!

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