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The last few weeks have been hectic. I have just been absorbed in mindless or routine tasks.

Everyday has just been a replay of the same story with different characters. That's the best I can explain how things have been.

And guess what? I couldn't think of what to write today. It was tough to think of any topic to write on.

The biggest casualty of a mechanised life is decline in conscious living.

And needless to say, when there is no Consciousness everything is vague and difficult to understand.

This leads to dissonance and ultimately frustration.

I went through this cycle this week. I'm not happy with myself for letting it happen.

Have spoken to some of you and I know that you're going through this same feeling. Days are passing. Months changing but you aren't sure what you did.

I started reading Siddhartha again. Its one of my favourite books. But I couldn't finish it this time due to mindless living.

Yet, I have tried putting an equation to Life from what I have gathered from the book.

Life = Conscious Thinking + Conscious Doing + Conscious Being.

So I have my plans sorted for the weekend and the coming weeks. Created a "Don't sleep before doing this" list.

A simple 20/20/20 rule.

Read. Cycle. Meditate.

Twenty minutes. Per task. Consciously.

You can create your own 20/20/20 list.

Well, life is lived through deeds. So the beauty of it lies in the execution.

Here's to a conscious way of living life.


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