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A friend of mine left his comfy high paying job and has plans to take a break. He plans to do nothing for the next 6 months.

I asked him "Why?".

He said, "I need a break. I need it to figure out what I want to do."

I wasn't sure if that was the right thing so I probed him more, "But what will you do. A job is a security. Take a sabbatical or work part time, why waste months without a job. What if you don't get another job. Why take such risks?"

His next statement was profound and got me thinking.

"For wanting to not waste a few months, I have wasted years".

He continued, "If after years of working, I have to worry about my ability to find another job if at all, then don't you think I have wasted my years doing what either I am not good at or what I should not be doing in the first place. Don't you think this calls for some reflection as to where I want to go, and where I am going. Swami, I have decided to use this time to discover or build myself. I will swim, build my body, surf, may be farm, do something that is connected to elements of nature. You should do it too."

What do you think?

Is he right in what he is doing?

What would you have said to him?

Do you know of someone who has done this?

Is this becoming more common?

Will you be able to do it?

And more importantly, do you think you need(want) to do it?

What I learnt is that walking away isn't necessarily a sign of weakness. In fact, it is most times the opposite. Its courageous. If it weren't then many would have done.

People think winners don't quit. But that's not true. They quit all the time. The difference is they know what to quit and when to quit. Without regret.

I am still not sure of his decision. I am worried for him. Is it like going on a drive to a destination with google maps on and then switching off the maps and taking a detour? If not, then can we call life an adventure? So many thoughts.

While I may not have that the courage or wisdom to do it, I just said, "All the best buddy. May you get what you're seeking"

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Amit Ahlawat
Amit Ahlawat
14 de nov. de 2020

Happy Diwali :)

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