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Do this and see the difference....

  • How many people nourish unhealthy and unproductive habits?

  • How many people give excuses for not taking the next positive step?

  • How many people live every day of their lives moving one step away from where they want to go?

I have been each of the above at different points.

I have waited and procrastinated to make that one BIG change at that one BIG moment in order to take that one BIG step. Only to realise that progress could have been made by going little by little consistently, everyday.

In the wait for that one BIG accomplishment, I have given space for daily excuses. Disappointing!

We have many things in common. The biggest being that everyone has the same number of hours in a day. And each one of us has the choice to take a step, whether in the desired direction or in the opposite.

How much better would our life be if we commit ourselves to making just one degree of effort to improve something about our situation each day?

Small progress is still progress. Little by little becomes a lot.

Making a small effort can be tough but if we can build up the courage and commit to not settle for status quo then we are moving ahead.

I have decided what I want to do each day to make my life better. Eat clean, work out, drink 1 extra litre of water and thank the universe for giving me what I have.

You can do that too. Pick something small, something tiny to improve upon, and then do it everyday.

It won't change the world, but it might change yours. Good luck!

PS: Share it with me or people you are close to so that they can encourage you to continue the journey!

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