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An off topic today.

My cousin who is 12 years younger to me is moving to Amsterdam for his higher education. He's the apple of the eye for everyone in the family. He's very close to me too. So, it's mixed feelings. Happy that he's doing so well in life and sad that he'll be far from us.

To give him some wise words and ofcourse to wish him the best, we organized a family get together (ofcourse online). My entire family if they stay at a place can be named a district. :D

And I'm talking about first cousins and family.

We are the Tamil version of Hum saath saath hain.

My personality is such that while I want good for everyone and am there in case they need anything, I don't connect often. I don't make the calls. My aunts and cousins always complain of that. I usually don't pay heed to that. And I have a justification (we all have justifications, don't we?). I don't want to call one person and not call the other who may feel bad that I didn't call them. You know what I mean.

So, on this call. We all spoke about how much we will miss him. Once that was done we relived the good old days. How well the kids in the house have done? All so well settled with a good life. And like in every family, there are people who are on a cold war worse than US-Russia. But this was a time to put all of that behind us.

Let me tell you, it got me emotional. We take so many things for granted. Family is possibly one of the first things in my case. And if you are like me, I'll tell you to get better at this game.

  • Call or text them regularly

  • Value the connections

  • Let go of the grudges

  • Ego won't take you anywhere

  • Be a bigger person

  • Be grateful to have people who have your back

  • Know that life would have been less colorful and memorable without them in it.

Life is all about love. And it comes in many forms. Family and friends top my list. Don't take it for granted.

I realised it didn’t matter how big our house was; what mattered that there was love in it. I'm grateful for having this shelter.

No one would have explained it better than Bernard Shaw. "Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

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