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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

My talk/session started with a glitch on MS teams. A lag between audio and video and later my screen wasn't visible to the audience.

Finally, started nervously after losing 20 minutes in a 45 minutes talk. When the clock hit 45, I asked my audience to decide whether they'd want to continue with the interaction or want to drop off. All of them affirmed that they want to continue. It went really well. :)

In the hindsight if I think, despite starting off nervously due to the delays the session went off well because I had thought of what I would speak and what I'd want to deliver to the audience. How I'd engage them through an intentional exercise. And how I'd give them an opportunity to share their story. I was clear in my head. I spoke what I thought of and I did what I had thought of.

I gave them an activity.

- think of a person who has played a huge role in your life

- write a few lines about what exactly they have done

- Call them and show your gratitude ( due to time constraints this was given as an assignment post session. Am not surprised, many confirmed that they did call and spoke to those people)

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony"

- Mahatma Gandhi

This is the best advice one could get to live with authenticity, be trustworthy and be happy.

If your words are not in harmony or congruent with your thoughts then your body language will give away. You will be unsure of what you want to say and fail at communication.

If your actions are not congruent to what you say, then you'll never be taken seriously and worse no one will trust you. A bit of practice is better than tons of preaching.

It all always boils down to clarity. Starts with the thoughts. Continues with the words. Ends with the actions. Always.

Work on what you think. Then focus on how you communicate what you thought. And make sure you do what you have communicated.

A break in flow or lack of clarity will disrupt this chain.

Aside, I was asked to whom will I be expressing my gratitude as part of this activity.

I told them that I had signed up to do something to show my gratitude to a friend. As today is her birthday, we were asked by her spouse to send our wishes by doing a dance step on a catchy number. Many people doing it with one thing in common, we start our step by catching the glares from our left side and ending by throwing on the right side. Everyone does this and when stitched together, it looks like a continuation.

Apparently, such type of collaboration is a huge hit on social media and is trending.

Well, while it was embarrassing but I did do it to show my gratitude to my friend for being there and for making my life better!

Think. Speak. Do. In harmony. And you'll sleep well.

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