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Let's start with a small exercise today. Read the below and then close your eyes and envision it.

Imagine yourself in a garden on top of a hill amidst full of colourful flowers. The sky is clear blue exuding vibrancy. Now take a deep breath and take a whiff of fresh air. The sun is shining bright. There's a pond closeby to get all the water you need. And you have a choice of plants that you can plant - Some yellow, some red, some pink and some white. A dash of lavender and some green. There's enough to pick from. There's a quaint little house there. Simple, minimal yet it has all that is required.

Right beside the door, You see a bucket. What would you do?

The answer is simple. You'll water the plants and nurture it everyday. Cultivate the new ones per your choice.

Our lives are like this garden. We have the choice to cultivate and nurture what we want. We have all the plants to pick from - kindness, gratitude, curiosity, compassion, love, forgiveneness and care.

Like sunlight, you have the energy - patience, positivity and faith to help these plants grow.

And like water, you feed it daily and in right quantity. It's a routine. It's a non negotiable.

Now, imagine yourself in a dying forest. It's burning in fire and smoke. There's only brown and no green. You inhale and can immediately feel the toxicity in the air. There is

You see a bucket of water. What would you do?

Yes, the answer is the same.

You'll water the plants. Douse the fire.

Follow the routine. Nurture the plant and cultivate it.

Irrespective of how you are feeling today, what you are surrounding yourself with, you have the choice to change it.

You have the choice to pick between -

Kindness and being mean,

caring and being indifferent,

grateful and being sulky,

curious and being closed,

compassionate and being a hoarder,

forgiving and being vengeful or

loving and being hateful.

You define your energies - positive or negative, patient or racing, faithful or anxious. Add greed, jealousy to this.

Your self routine is your self discipline. It defines how badly you want to grow.

That quaint little house is your soul. And you get to decide what you want to surround yourself with. A vibrant colorful garden or a burning dying forest.

Life's similar to gardening. Be a gardener. Nurture and cultivate yourself.

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Pic courtesy: 2someTravel (Unsplash)

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Manjusha Nair
Manjusha Nair
19 sept 2020

Beautiful post, Swami! Reminded me of something I wrote long ago and forgot to post! This inspired me to do so immediately :) I like that you talk about us being in charge. Generally we feel such a helpless lethargy and in no time our garden is in disarray. Some of us have abandoned our gardens and live elsewhere permanently not knowing the price we’ll pay when someday we try to get back here :)

Me gusta
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