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Prison Break!

Part 1

Do you want help to break prison and be free?

No, let me clarify. Not the real prison. From that you will get yourself out after a certain duration as per law.

But the more dangerous one. The artificial prison we all put ourselves in.

Our Mind!

I read this article which I got on WhatsApp about a story from Hyderabad which started with a question: What is a dying man's last wish?

Doctor's at Hyderabad's Gandhi hospital shared unique insights into this painful aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic which is about to complete a year!

- A 45 year old, who knew he was dying, told his doctor he had not spoken to his brother in 10 years after a tiff over property. The night before he died, he confessed he had done wrong and wanted to hand over a portion to his brother.

- A young couple which parted ways on a bitter note, lay in isolation wards in different cities, one dying. The patient had felt it was his mistake. He wept and requested the hospital to find his partner and let her know his feelings. He died before he could tell us how.

- Most confessions were about property, money transactions, ego, anger, clashes and wrongdoings.

- There were other wishes too - A patient wanted to have his favourite food and sip of their favourite tipple. Some developed psychosis and couldn't recognise their families.

I had watched this beautiful video of a young social experimentalist who visited Kashi and stayed at a place where people who are in their last stages of life are allowed to stay for a week or so. If they survive that period, they are asked to vacate for someone who needs it. The caretaker of the place shares what most people say or wish for in their last days.

Regrets. Ego. Wrongdoings. Fears.

If you want the video, just reply on WhatsApp and I will share that. It is worth watching.

I am going to leave this blog here.

I want you to use the weekend to internalise these stories. 
To reflect. 
To introspect. 
To realise the prison we create and put ourselves in.

All in the mind!!!

Once you have done that, I will offer what I think can help us break this prison!

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