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"Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast"

"Bhaiya, have just got a job in a retail organization. This is my first job. How should I approach it?".

A young boy I got talking to in my apartment asked me. Guess, he could see my greying beard to assume that I would have spent enough time in the corporate.

"To start with, Go Slow". I told him.

"Slow??" He was confused.

I wasn't surprised.

Look around. Everyone's running a race of some sorts. Your friends, your colleagues or just look in the mirror. Which race are you running, right now?

And I know we're not completely at fault. It's just become fashion to keep running, look busy, always. As if the sky is falling if you look composed or even take a pause to think before you are about to say something.

We all cherish a test series win but still want to go to a stadium to watch an IPL.

You'd agree with me when I say that what we do is not more important or difficult than what the US Navy Seals do.

As a Marine, they are taught "Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast".

Before I explain this, please note that slow doesn't mean procrastination or no progress.

The marines are routinely put in positions where moving quickly is imperative. Survival depends on fast decision making and acting at pace. But even in the direst circumstances, they recognize that rushing could be detrimental to success.

So, coming back to the conversation I told the young boy to build his career like a child's journey.

A child first learns to crawl. Once that is done, they learn to stand. And once they have understood the surrounding and are confident, they learn to walk. And once they have gained mastery over the fundamentals, and do what they are doing better, they start running.

Imagine a child starts to run even before it's learnt to crawl, stand and walk.

If you're a leader and expect your new joiners to run from day one then I have nothing but best wishes for you. And btw, Happy Parenting :)

But this doesn't apply only to new starters. Even for someone with a decade of experience, it's important to slow down, gauge the environment. Understand the realities of the surrounding and restart the run.

This applies to our personal habit formation as well.

I remember the day I learnt to ride a bicycle, I was excited and got into a race with a friend in mad rush of excitement.

Well, all I remember is opening my eyes to see the bike on me, and the sky upside down. 😁

And yes, the entire group of friends having a hearty laugh.

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Thank you Nilav!


Mr. Nilav Sarkhel
Mr. Nilav Sarkhel

Very well written Swami..infact i could so relate to this

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