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Survival Guide

We remember good things that happen to us. We remember bad things that happen to us.

But while we want to replicate what helped us feel better, seldom we look back on how we dealt with the bad things. And, what we learnt from it.

Last couple of weeks had been stressful for various reasons. And I was totally consumed with it. I had my moments of brain freeze and being numb. I was losing my confidence. And, for no reason at all.

I was cursing my luck for having to go through this. How easy it is for us to become all negative! And in that moment I thought of all the bad and may be worse things that happened to me.

My fight with clinical depression flashed my mind. That was possibly the lowest point in my life and yet I survived it. It reminded me of all the things I did to come out of it. I started noting down things.

- The change in habits, the new habits that I built. For eg: being less on phone. doing my jump rope exercise at least twice a day

- Focusing on positives and possibilities. I believed more in what I can and am capable of than what I think I can't and won't work

- Action. Lack of action leads to anxiety

- Soaking some sunlight. I don't know how it works but it really has a positive impact

- Not to be on laptop for at least an hour before I plan to hit the bed and after an hour I have woken up

- Calling and talking to people rather than texting

- Eating right. Eating small

- Drinking loads of water

- Spending time on my hobbies. I realised I recorded a lot of songs on smule during that phase. I also started journaling and here I am on my 51st blog

- I did things I didn't feel like doing but knew it is good and is helpful to do. For eg: hung out with people and socialised more

- Valuing the people who believed in me and wanted the best for me

- Most important: Being Grateful for what I have and where I have reached

As I was noting it down, I knew for myself what I had let go off or had reduced steam on in the last many months or so. But it really helped to reflect on it and now I know what I got to do. Because if I could then, I can now!

Remember, your struggles can be a great survival guide for future.

But it's important to consciously learn from it. Else, it is just a blurred memory!

Make your struggles your survival guide!

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