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The most important step...

Writer's block as they say is not easy to overcome.Thanks to my friend in influencing me to overcome. Finally I am writing my first blog.

Here is a slice from my life on what I have learnt from my son. Yes, my six year old son.

Children have infectious positive energy. I am amazed by his positive energy, fearlessness, adaptability and loads of curiosity.

Listing my 6 cents.

1.Be happy and have fun in any situation :

When the pandemic hit and we had lockdowns, I cribbed a lot about having loads of house work but his one statement changed my perspective

"Mama thanks to lockdown I get to see you and hug you anytime."

Finding happiness in little things can make life so easy..

2.Be curious:

Curiosity about all things around him amazes me be it "Why sky is blue" to "Why we need to sleep".

Curiosity leads to learning each day.

3.Be ready to change:

I could see my son seamlessly adapt to online classes and it took me sometime to enjoy my home office.Socializing on zoom call came quite easy to him..

4.Be ready to switch off:

I used to pester my son to finish his homework in one day he said when he alternates between study and play he is able to enjoy his studies more.

We need to bring balance in our lives .

Thanks to my son now brisk walk in the evening and small breaks in between helps me to switch off and be more productive.

5.Being fearless with end outcome in mind:

Recently I removed the balancers from my son's cycle. Well it took him a week to balance it. He got hurt but his aim to hop on new cycle on his birthday kept him going.

6.Last but not the least Be Simple :

Its difficult to be simple. The real test of your knowledge about anything is when can explain it to a 6 year old knowledge something.

Signing off now to try out the sweet dish I made on Makarsakranti, again a first..

Hope to harvest loads of happiness this year..

Yours truly,


If you're still confused then let me clear it for you. I have not written this. I remember when I had just started writing, a friend I have been friends for a decade told me how she wanted to write too but just couldn't get started. I could relate to her.

Back then I shared her a few articles and tips on how to get over a writer's block. She thanked me for it. The world changed completely over the last 9 months or so.

I knew that each one of us has a story to share from what we have experienced and learnt. I checked on her again to see if she had written something and the answer was a negative.

Ten days ago, I offered her to write for my page under anonymity if thats what bothered her from getting started. She gladly accepted the offer. And here we are today.

Brishti, well done my friend. And thank you for giving me the honour to give you a pen name.

I'm so happy you could do this. And I will continue to nudge you so that you don't let it go.

Sometimes, it feels good to get someone started onto something. Something that they always wanted to, but couldn't.

This is one such moment!

Show some love to Brishti's first blog!

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Srishty De
Srishty De
Jan 17, 2021

Absolutely endearing, keep writing Brishti!


Manjusha Nair
Manjusha Nair
Jan 15, 2021

Nice post, Brishti! 👍🏽 You should keep writing!

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