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What drives us?

My last blog invited a lot of thoughts and comments.

Some agreed. Some disagreed. And a few were just relieved to know that even without passion they can survive.

I went back to thinking was I passionate about writing? May be no. Then what made me do it every week for the last 80 weeks.

It's called Purpose. The WHY. Have shared my thoughts on this in one of my earlier blogs. In case you haven't read or want a recap, read this:

But is it just enough to have purpose? No.

What's common between say an Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, or any your friends who are entrepreneurs?

I didn't know until I saw that in a couple of my friends, about whom I have spoken in my earlier blogs, one who designs homes and the other who makes you fall in love with Coffee.

Let me tell you. They have the below 3 things:

- #Conviction: They have killer belief in their idea. They are unfazed from challenges or failures/success. It's like the eye of the fish for them. They know they have to hit it.

- #Courage: The hunger to achieve their goal and meet their purpose makes them extremely courageous. They risk everything to just follow their dreams.

- #Confidence: Have loads of it. Even if they don't, they will fake it and you'll never know.

These 3 C's are so important in life. When combined with #Purpose and #Passion, you can become an altogether different person.

But how do you get it? You find and you build.

Purpose and Passion to be found. Conviction, courage and confidence to be built.

But, Purpose > Passion. Always.

If you don't have Purpose or Passion but have the 3C's then it's like burning fuel while waiting at the red signal. You don't want to waste your energy.

If you have Purpose or Passion but weak on 3C's then it's like climbing the Everest without oxygen and gears. You're not going to make it.

How to find purpose? I'll give it a try:

  1. Experience more. Through reading or meeting people or travelling. It will give you newer experiences.

  2. Feel more. Learn to be still and calm. It will help you clear your thoughts.

  3. Watch out for what makes you happy or what you talk more about. It will tell you what you like.

  4. Watch out for what people appreciate you for. It will tell you what you're good at.

  5. Build a community. Surround yourself with people who push you harder. Make you better.

  6. Hope to be lucky. So that the apple falls on your head and you find your purpose :D :P

Let us try this and see if we are able to find ourselves a purpose to live (or die) for! We may get lost on our way, but let's keep going!

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