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If you do this...

... you'll be happier! I guarantee.

Firstly, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Of the many things associated with this day, is a belief that if you have been a good child through the year, Santa Claus will fulfill your wishes.

I believe that Santa Claus is real. A lot of my wishes have been fulfilled by Santa. For real. You don't believe me? I knew it.

Let me give you examples.

- When I was 10, I wanted an SG cricket bat to play with the leather ball. Guess what, I got it.

- When I was 18, I wanted a mobile phone. Even an used one was fine. Guess what, I got it.

- When I was 21, I wanted to do an MBA. I needed coaching and funding. Guess what, I got it.

- When I was 25, I was sick and hospitalized. I wanted to be taken care of. Guess what, I got it.

- When I was 28, I was confused about my career and needed a mentor for life. Guess what, I got it.

- When I was 32, I went through one of the worst phases of my life. I just wanted someone to be around. Guess what, I got it.

- And through all these years, I just wanted to be loved and belonged. By now you know the answer.

Just that my Santa wasn't necessarily a fat, old person wearing red and white and shouting Ho Ho Ho !!! And wasn't necessarily the same person or even of the same gender.

My Santa at different phases was my dad, my mom, my uncle and aunt, my brothers and sisters, my friends and my bosses and colleagues.

Different, for different wishes and at different times.!

Grateful. Always and forever!

It made me realise how normal people can do extraordinary things. As I type this I recollect one of my most favourite lines from one of my most famous movies. I will quote the lines and let you guess the movie.

"A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boys shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended"

I say that a Santa can be anyone. Even you.

We all have extra ordinary abilities within us. It just needs to be discovered and ignited.

You're wondering how you can be a Santa? Well it's not really that difficult.

- be a good friend

- be a good partner or a child or a parent or a sibling or a co worker

- donate money, clothes that you think is beyond your need

- sponsor education to a needy. Or just buy them books or stationary

- sponsor a meal to one person. It can just be a loaf of bread.

- be kind and polite to strangers

The list can go on. Am sure you'll figure out.

Just be a Santa to someone. Fulfill a wish. Let that person be someone known to you or a complete stranger.

We have all that it takes to be happy and there is someone who could always do with your generosity!

One amazing thing about happiness is you get more only if you give more. It multiplies when you add it to someone's life.

Do this and I guarantee you'll be happier! Try this.

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